All Yesterdays Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971

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It was a psychiatric convention or something. For some reason they'd asked Warhol to be there and Andy took us.

The Velvet Underground

So yeah, this all took place. It was hilarious. They had a sense of humour too, up to a point. But we were all interviewing them and asking them psychiatric questions. It was just a big joke.

All Yesterdays' Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971

Features interview with Andy Warhol who introduces the Velvet Underground, and rehearsals footage. Audio : from TV.

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Audio : from Andy Warhol's tapes. Audio : recorded by Andy Warhol see above, Feb. This tape was dated "February 6" but it's probably a mistake since the flyer advertise for a February engagement. Mark's Place. Among those to appear are Announcement : in The Village Voice , February 10, Tape : recorded by Andy Warhol. Moe Tucker wasn't there, but Nico was.

Plus onstage The Velvet Underground and Nico. Sterling : "At Rutger's we were all dressed entirely in white. The effect, with all the films and lights projected on us, was invisibility. This is a set of photos shot in the bus on the road to Ann Arbor and just before the EPI performance. Ingrid Superstar : "I remember in Ann Arbor part of the audience went a little berserk, and there were a few hecklers.

They're all a bunch of immature punks. Like we have these problems with a very enthusiastic audience that yells and screams and throws fits and tantrums and rolls on the floor, usually at colleges and benefits like that for the younger people.

So, anyway, the effect of the music on the audience is just too stunned to think or say anything or give any kind of opinion. But then later I asked a few people in Ann Arbor, who had come to see the show a couple of nights in a row, what they thought, and they formed an opinion slowly. They said that they thought the music was very way out and supersonic and fast and intensified, and the effect of the sound it produced vibrated all through the audience, and when they walked out onto the street they still had these vibrations in their ears for about minutes, especially from that last piece "Nothing Song", which was just noise and feedback and screeches and groans from the amplifiers.

Invitation handbill : "Everyone has seen Pop Art But no one has ever heard it Come and meet the world's leading Pop artists, including Andy Warhol accompanied by the Velvet Underground Paraphernalia was Pilgrim Clothes flagship store. They had decided to hired Betsey Johnson to design their line and Betsey hired Andy Warhol to make a party.

Film : by Gerard Malanga. Excerpts used in various documentaries i. South Bank Show and Curious. A lot of bands played all evening, and The Velvets were the last to come on, with Nico, and Gerard Malanga doing the whip dance. I never heard them introduced if they were and had no idea who they were, but I was totally blown away. There were a lot of celebrities at that event, and when Frank Sinatra came downstairs where The Velvets were playing, he took one look at them, and turned right around and went back upstairs.

Poster : letterpress on coated poster board, 22 x 14" Reproduced in Peel Slowly And See booklet p. Jonas Mekas : " At the Plastic Inevitables, however, the dance floor and the stage are charged with the electricity of a dramatic break just before the dawn. Callie Angell : A performance event called "Linoleum" by Robert Rauschenberg "ended with an electronic bang when Pop Artist Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground, a rock and roll band from his New York night club, The Plastic Inevitable, turned the roller rink into a giant discotheque.

So, despite the fact the Velvets were booked at the Dom all that month, they apparently weren't performing every night. Callie Angell : Also, I have found some evidence, not entirely clear, that they performed at the Filmmaker's Cinematheque on April 27th? But he does say, "this spring," and then he also describes -- in very convincing detail a screening of The Bed in double-screen followed by a screening of Outer and Inner Space in double screen, following by the Velvet Underground performing with Nico, Edie and probably Gerard dancing on stage, and "three movies going at the same time.

It was actually made the previous fall. See also Cheetah early history article Jimi Hendrix and Cheetah at earlyhendrix. The engagement was from May 3rd to 18th, but the sheriff closed down the club after the third day. Poster : cardboard site poster, 22 x 14".

The poster was not designed by Roy Lichtenstein, but appropriated his Newsweek cover image. Cher : "It depressed me. It will replace nothing - except maybe suicide. Showing of two Andy Warhol films, Beauty 2 and Nico in the closet.

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The Daily Trojan article says that "If enough tickets are sold, Warhol will be present at the screening". No Velvet Underground show on this date, but the article mentions: "Warhol's publicity manager, Steve Sesnick would like to do an entire featured show which will include the Velvet Underground in concert at USC sometime in the fall. However he said that this will depend on the student response to the two movies now". Screen print on heavyweight paper, 20 x 14" Artist is Wes Wilson.

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Postcards : repro of original poster, printed at a later date. Original printing is 8 x 5 inch Later one is 7 x 5 inch Sterling Morrison : "We actually built the light show at the Fillmore. Bill Graham didn't, nor did any San Francisco entrepreneur. When we showed up, Graham had a slide projector with a picture of the moon.

We said, 'That's not a light show, Bill, sorry. We put the guitars against the amps, turned up, played percussion and then split. Bill Graham came into the dressing room and said, "You owe me 20 more minutes. Ralph J. Gleason : "If this is what America's waiting for, we are all going to die of boredom, because this is a celebration of the silliness of cafe society The Velvet Underground was really pretty lame Camp plus con equals nothing.

John Cale : "Bill Graham didn't appreciate all the songs and improvisations that were going on. There wasn't much love lost between us and the West Coast. The engagement - originally June - was held over July 3rd. We turned our faces to the wall and turned up very loud.

Paul Morrisey later the director of Trash and Danny Williams had different visions of what the light show should be like and one night I looked up to see them fighting, hitting each other in the middle of a song. Danny Williams just disappeared. They found his clothes by the side of a river, with his car nearby He used to carry this strobe around with him all the time and no one could figure out why till we found out he kept his amphetamine in it.

The film soundtrack offers two songs recorded in Chicago. Audio : film soundtrack, B, 10 minutes. Sterling Morrison : As for "Playboy," they hired us to play in the club at a noon fashion show - the clothing was given to us by a mod shop in Old Town. It was written up with a picture in their VIP magazine. A video tape of 2nd reel circulates unofficialy.

A pirate "audience" screener video recorded during a film projection also exists, and it has the complete film. Audio : film soundtrack, 53 min. Digital Collection at Middlebury. The engagement began late September - in a letter to her friend Edward K.

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Also an article in The Village Voice dated September 29, says: " The room is renamed Balloon Farm for the new season". Ad : in The Village Voice , October 13, Ad : in The Village Voice , October 20, Ad : in The Village Voice. However it's doubful those shows took place, especially the second one as the group was in Boston at the ICA on October 29 - see below.

Invitation : to the ICA opening and show. Two versions of this poster exist with only very minor differences the figures around MOD are not present on alternate version. Flyer : made of plastic with clear lettering. It states that it is "designed by Brody". Pinpoints of colored light dart from around the walls, reflected from a mosaic-mirrored ball that hangs from the ceiling. At the far side of the room, on stage, is the Velvet Underground, polka-dotted, pinstriped, booted, wide-belted, dark-spectacled musicians.

With them, twisting, turning, leaping, getting the message, is dancer Gerard Malanga. Walking among the tables toward the stage is Nico, tall, casual, stunning in black velvet pea jacket and loose-legged lavender pants. Sharing the screen at various time, are members of the Underground sitting at tables and standing along a wall, a pair of lips, Nico's profile, Gerard's staring face, two men binding another to a chair, an ear. Like most home movies, the films are intimate, jerky from the hand-helded camera, and made up of disconnected images.

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Unlike most home movies, they are way out. Thirty minutes later these have been resolved to a rythm. Soon after come drummer, guitarist, singer and violinist, and the result is a resounding folk rock. He works with a bullwhip, sliding it along the floor, cracking it in the air with a choreographic frenzy. Whether anyone was turned on or off by the event, whether anything happened besides the happening itself is beside the point. The Lantern Online Archive.

Photos : by Al Brandenberger. Audio : audience recording, minutes.

Taped by Dick Felton. Doug Snyder : "This time one of us - Dick Felton - took a tape recorder. Their equipment manager Dave Faison helped us with an extension cord for our mono recorder. The tape Dick made of the concert ends with him saying, "I'm scared to play it back. I really am. The best known boot is Velvet Underground , which was put out by Bernd Baierschmidt.

Bernd's girlfriend was the mysterious cover girl. Bernd died as the result of a motorcycle crash a couple years later, so I can tell this about him. He had been the one to see the Velvets before the rest of us - probably before anyone else in Ohio, and for years was the cultural arbitrer of Cincinnati from his perch at Kidd's Books. They called the Factory and asked for Andy. The voice said, "This Is Andy. Status: unconfirmed, uncirculated. Baldwin Wallace University. Review : What Happened?