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This policy applies to all personnel and property of the College in the use of CCTV monitoring and recording. This policy does not include the use of video equipment for recording of public performances or events, interviews, or other use for broadcast or educational purposes. Examples of such excluded activities would include the videotaping of athletic events for post-game review, videotaping of concerts, plays, and lectures, etc.

Students are engaged in a learning environment that encourages them to be active learners, workers, and servers. Hutchins Library supports the educational mission of the college by maintaining a rich collection of materials in a variety of formats.

Closed-circuit television

While our faculty proudly focuses on being and becoming excellent classroom teachers, they are also active intellectuals and scholars. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to regulate the use of closed circuit television CCTV cameras to monitor and record public areas for reasons of safety and security and in the investigation of incidents that occur on campus.

General Principles The Department of Public Safety DPS , under the guidance of the Division of Student Life, is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community by integrating the best practices of private campus safety with state-of-the-art technology.

A critical component of a comprehensive security plan using state-of-the-art technology is closed circuit television CCTV. The purpose of CCTV monitoring of public areas by campus safety personnel is to deter crime and to assist the DPS in protecting the safety and property of the College community. Any diversion of security technologies and personnel for other purposes e. Video monitoring for security purposes will be conducted in a professional, ethical and legal manner. Personnel involved in video monitoring will be appropriately trained and continuously supervised in the responsible use of this technology.

Violations will result in disciplinary action consistent with the rules and regulations governing employees and student workers of the College.

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Information obtained through video monitoring will be used exclusively for security and law enforcement purposes. Information obtained through video monitoring will only be released when authorized by the College Legal Counsel and appropriate administrative personnel according to the procedures established in this policy.

Video monitoring of public areas for security purposes will be conducted in a manner consistent with all existing College policies. Video monitoring of public areas for security purposes at the College is limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy as defined by law.

Information obtained in violation of this policy may not be used in a disciplinary proceeding against a member of the College faculty, staff or student body.

Under no circumstances will the DPS use the CCTV system to monitor Staff, Faculty or Student work behavior unless there is a legitimate investigation pertaining to conduct contrary to the law or College policy. The director will seek guidance from all available sources including Human Resources and College Legal Counsel as a measure to not violate the workplace rights of College personnel.

All existing uses of video monitoring and recording will be brought into compliance with this policy within six months of policy approval by the Administrative Committee.

Any existing CCTV information to include camera locations, digital video recorder locations, existing stored data, serial and model numbers and any other information requested by the DPS to provide an orderly transition to policy implementation will be provided to DPS within thirty days of the adoption of this policy. Faculty, staff and students should understand that the presence of CCTV does not insure complete protection against a criminal act nor does it mean that every CCTV location is monitored at all times.

CCTV training

No CCTV equipment for use under the scope of this policy will be purchased by any College personnel once this policy is adopted by the Administrative Committee. The DPS has primary responsibility for disseminating and implementing policy and procedures. Security can be enhanced and business efficiency improved by introducing our Closed-Circuit Television System. Cameras are installed at various points in the basin of the Yamato River flowing in the Nara Basin and the southern part of the Osaka Plains to monitor the condition of the river in real time. Live and recorded images and videos are viewed through the website of the Yamato River Management Office under the Kinki Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to secure the safety of local residents.

Camera System for Tsunami Information Collection Video cameras are installed near river mouths in the southern part of Wakayama Prefecture to monitor the existance of tsunami waves, as a part of early detection and preparation for tsunami due to earthquakes that are expected to occur. This system can observe and record the condition of tsunami in real time, helping residents alert and guide for evacuation.

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Dam Surveillance System The system monitors through live-video cameras the water level of dam together with unauthorized persons entering into dangerous area. Iron Tide Gate Surveillance System This surveillance system remotely checks the river flow rate and whether the iron tide gate is opened or closed.