Composing The Photo - Creating Order From the Chaos

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The cows are scattered about asymmetrically, at times even coming to the edge of the canvas. From afar, the black paint of the cows contrasts sharply with the white and pastel-colored paint that makes up the winter landscape. Up close, however, the black paint blends into the lighter colors with subtler gradations.

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This painting technique adds to the snowy, hazy feel of the image. Waddell uses masonry trowels and specially modified brushes originally intended to apply tar to roofs to create a heavy build-up of paint on the surface of the canvas.

Do you see photography, especially abstract photography, as creating order out of chaos?

Some areas of paint are so thick that the texture looks like frosting! The notion of loading a brush with a big dollop of paint is about as good as it gets.

The sensation of developing a line or shape with this material is wonderful. Waddell likes to paint his works on large canvases, giving him plenty of room to play with his paints, and suggesting the vastness of the Montana landscape. Skip to main content. Tweet Like Pin Email. Lesson Materials Standards Related Lesson Students will learn about ideas of order, chaos, pattern, and variation in poetry.

Select poems to use for the Warm-up and prepare a mini-lecture on order, chaos, pattern, and variation in poetry, using resources from the Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab. Warm-up: Have the students read two different poems, one written using a classical form, and one in free verse. Owl Purdue has a great description of the difference here. Have students talk with a partner about their impressions after they read each poem, as well as how each makes them feel. Call on volunteers to share some of their ideas. Lead a discussion on the difference between order and chaos, and pattern and variation.

How to Create Order From Chaos, with Philippe Petit

Can they find any instances of those four ideas in the poems? How do these four literary techniques evoke different responses within readers? Ask students if they feel the painting evokes a sense of order or chaos. One element that remains a constant, however, is the importance of light and how we portray it in our images.

Creating Order in Chaos: A Guide to Photographing Forests

Regardless of our subject ā€” be it people, products, the night sky or, in this case, trees ā€” light is the key to a good photograph. So what kind of light is ideal for photographing trees?

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Well, it all depends. By its very nature, light is continually changing.

Do you see photography, especially abstract photography, as creating order out of chaos?

One moment, the light on a subject may be sublime, but the next flat and dull, or perhaps harsh and full of contrast. Light is a fickle thing, especially for us outdoor photographers, since we have little control over how it reacts with our subject. Having said that, there are general types of light to look for that will help tree images shine. Patience and tenacity play a huge role in this art form.

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  4. If the light is less than perfect, we can work with what we have, wait for better light, or in a perfect world, return another day when the light is better. Boy, do I hear ya! Seriously, trees are the best. You can crawl underneath them,climb them, pinch and pull them and not a peep. I am fortunate to live on Vancouver Island where the trees are in abundance. Susan Miller Parksville BC.

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    Found here: Creating Order from Chaos. In this book, Trey shows you his method for setting up your shot for great composition as well as using the crop tool in post processing to make your current and future images even more interesting and beautiful to the viewer.

    I notice that people that have a good golf swing not me whisper little reminders to themselves from time to time. They practice here and there, even when they are not holding a golf club!

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    8. We should try to achieve the same goal with composition. I want you thinking about it all the time, even when you are not holding a camera. It is my goal that you come away from this eBook with many new viewpoints and opinions on how to better compose an image. It also carries a guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

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