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Special attention is paid to his essays. Droits d'auteur. Informations bibliographiques. In attacking Stalin, Orwell captured the way the world was evolving, and struck a chord that resonates even more today. His target was bigger than he knew.

This is what complicates the story. Orwell felt that most English writers and intellectuals had no grasp of the depth of lying that underpinned the horrors of Stalinism.

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After Eton, where he was a scholar, Orwell went to Burma for five years to work as a policeman, which left him with a visceral dislike for imperialism. For that reason, some publishers, including T. Eliot at Faber, turned him down. The reason these books retain their ability to scare us lies elsewhere.

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In attacking Stalin, Orwell captured fundamental aspects of the way the world was evolving, and struck a chord that resonates even more today. More enterprisingly, members of the Orwell Society head up to Jura, the remote Hebridean island where, in a secluded farmhouse, Orwell spent most of his last couple of years. But the strangest place associated with Orwell is Wigan, the town in Lancashire where he stayed in February to write about the conditions of the industrial north during the Depression.

He did research at the town library, and his name is in the register, but the library itself is now a museum and the downstairs exhibition ignores Orwell, preferring to pay tribute to famed Lancastrian institutions such as George Formby, Sir Ian McKellen and the Wigan Casino, epicentre of northern soul.

George Orwell

Delve into the past before heading to bed. A husband and wife were checking in. The local speciality is meat pies. Only a writer as complicated as Orwell could have bequeathed a pub opposite a tyre shop that boasts a plaque unveiled by a queen for a place that never existed. All this in a town he put on the tourist map by saying how awful things were. His style as a writer places him in the category of the immortals, and his courage as a critic outlives the bitter battles in which he engaged.

Christopher Hitchens. Clive James. The Orwell Julian Barnes. I often feel that I will never pick up a book by Orwell again until I have read a frank discussion of the dishonesty and hysteria that mar some of his best work. Kingsley Amis. Salman Rushdie. Noam Chomsky. Will Self.

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  • George Orwell | Biography, Books, & Facts |

Beatrix Campbell. He could tell the truth. Jeremy Paxman He could not blow his nose without moralising on conditions in the handkerchief industry. Cyril Connolly. Margaret Atwood. There are many Orwells.

The literary Orwell sits at his typewriter with a rollie dangling from his lip. The militant Orwell stands head and shoulders above his fellow anti-fascist recruits in Spain. The rural Orwell crouches down to feed a goat he liked to lecture his less practical friends, such as V. Pritchett, on milking. The paternal Orwell fits a shoe on the foot of his young son, perched on his knee. One thing we can be sure of: any representation of him will look pretty odd.

Orwell, George

Orwell was six foot four and had size shoes. When he went to fight in Spain, he amazed others by bringing his own boots. The biographers tell us he had piercing light-blue eyes, but the black-and-white photos catch the deep cheek-lines that run either side of his thin moustache, the sickly pallor and the cranial face. Hard to believe he was only 46 when he died. His watchful eyes are set deep in their sockets, but really any surveillance state based on Orwellian principles would focus on smell.

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Orwell had two of the most sensitive nostrils in English literature. He was endlessly drawn to whiffs, stinks and stenches.

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He once noted how Dickens recoils from sights he finds repulsive. Orwell himself moves in the opposite direction, leaning in close and inhaling foul odours as deeply as he can. Sculptors like a face where the bone shows through, he tells me—much easier to capture than flabby politicians with soft folds of flesh. Informations bibliographiques. Davison Springer , 8 mars - pages 0 Avis This account of Orwell's life is chiefly concerned with what influenced Orwell, his relations with publishers and editors, and the analysis of certain key experiences - the deposition that during the Spanish Civil War he was guilty of espionage and high treason; his work at the BBC; his interest in pamphlet literature; and his time as a war correspondent.

Wigan and Spain.