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These include:.

ERA – Academy of European Law

Chelsea Legal English was founded in as a sister company to The Chelsea School of Languages, which was established in and which initially only imparted languages courses mainly English courses of the highest quality and with the highest standards required by the challenging demands of a globalized market.

This motivated us to create Chelsea Legal English, S.

We have acquired we have acquired extensive experience in teaching courses to executives, directors, CEOs and some of the best lawyers in the country. We have also entered into an agreement with the Mexican Bar Association Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados to provide benefits to its members when taking our courses. Studied for fours years at St. He has taught English at all levels, from basic to proficiency, for more than 14 years.

Mr Ian Mann (3): Advice on client correspondence

He has also coached and given specialized English courses to top lawyers and company executives at some of the most prestigious institutions and law firms in the country. In he co-founded The Chelsea School of Languages. In he co-founded Chelsea Legal English and he continues his career as a teacher of legal English, in addition to heading the company.

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Additionally, she specializes in English-Spanish and Spanish-English business, finance and legal translations, among others. The unclear use of a verdedigbaar mistranslation arises from time to time in the English writing of Dutch lawyers. In an earlier post, we looked at this problem in detail.

Here we continue by looking at a few examples of mistranslations of verdedigbaar and how to repair them. It is arguable that… Read more.

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Example of a statement that a lawyer may wish to hedge When a lawyer discusses a possible position or argument, one problem that arises is that, merely by stating it, the lawyer appears to be… Read more. There are a number of poor translations of Dutch legal terms that seem…firmly rooted…. Read more.

Welcome to ERA – Academy of European Law in Trier

The Netherlands is one of those countries whose English name is preceded by… Read more. It surprises me how many mistakes are found online. It is difficult to understand.