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U5e the prompts to ask and answer questions, as In the example. There is a book on the table. Write sentences, as In the example. We can use some instead. NOTE: We use some in interrogative sentences to make offers and requests. There is some milk. There aren't any pillows.

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There isn't any milk. Are there any pillows? Is there any milk? If a sentence Is wrong, correct the mistake. A lamp is blue. S There aren't A any B some C a 2 There isn't B some C a 4 There aren't A any B some C a 5 There is A A: Have you got B: Yes, I've got B A: Do you have B: Yes, I've got 2.

A: Have you got B: No, but I have C A: Is there B: I'm afraid there isn't Would you like A: Yes, please. D A: t haven't got Can you lend me one? B: I'm afraid I haven't got Do you want MOOUl 27 Write questions, then answer them about you. Hi Doug, I have a big bedroom. It's blue. Blue is my favourite colour. There is There is 3 """"'''' desk, but there isn't 4 "" There aren't There are What's your favourite room? Write soon, Jack Speaking 10 look at this picture of a restaurant.

Ask and answer questions about the following. Which vase? The specific vase in the pictu re.

I 12 Fill In the where necessary. He's in school band. Eiffel Tower in It's bright blue today. It's raining outside. Barcelona on hOliday. An - Some! Which dogs? All dogs in general. NOT: this"," lamp I 7 Where are They aren't on Irish are very friendly people. Amanda and that is MODULl j 29 CDs you've got are very good. He's got Acropolis is in Athens. A a B an C the 2 You can visit one of ITIJ Have you got any magazines? CID Is there a lamp in your room? There are some in my bookcase.

It's on my desk beside the bed. B: No, this is B: Let's see! B: No, there isn't.

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We can buy B: Has she got S A: That is B: It is! And we haven't got B: That's great. Have you got B: That's OK. We can watch Andy: Have you got 1 book I can read? Clare: Yes, sure. There's Andy: The Hobbit. I've got it. Clare: OK. There's also Andy: Can I read one of Clare: Of course. You can sit there. Andy: That's great! Maria is Italian. Her family is from 1 small village between Milan and Tudn.

They've got The family hasn't got Maria has got She hasn't got There are large windows where she can see She's lucky to live there! Writing 23 Find a picture or draw a room and write a paragraph describing It. Ellen has a nice bedroom. There is a fireplace There are two armchairs There is a big bed There are lots of pillows There is a small table Look at the items on your desk.

Make sentences, as in the example. Writing Write a short paragraph describing your favourite room in the house. Let go Let la 1 Match the sentences with the pictures. IDThe imperative 2 Rewrite the sentences In the negative. B: Ok, ler's go go home then. B: Me too B: Yes, it is B: Oh dear! B: Yes, they are B: Great! Fill In the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

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Which sentences need Don't? Which sentences need let's? Which need only the verb? In turn on the light, please. It's delicious! You've got a lot of homework. It's very dangerous! Rewrite all the sentences In the negative, making all the necessary changes, as in the example. S Have some more of this cheesecake. It's not good for you. Use the following verbs and the ideas in the box. Use the Ideas In the box. Dear Mum and Dad, The school trip is amazing! We're here in Portugal now and thisISaphotograph of our hotel. The hotel is an unusual bUilding.

In my room, I can buy you some souvenirs. Write back and tell me what you want. Correct the false sentences. S There is a castle next to the hotel. When do we use lome and when do we use any? Find examples in the email. There isn't an armchair in Emilio's room. Can you name two more? What is the negative form of the imperative? It's late! They're dirty. It's amazing! It's hot in here! Dear Mum and Dad, The school triP is amazing! We're here in Portugal now and this is aphotograph of our hotel 1 SIX students here and two teachers.

The hotel is an unusual bUilding 2 four storeys, but 3 any stairs 4 a11ft to take people between floors In my room, 5 abed, an armchair and a table, but 6 a TV OutSide 7 an amazing garden With some beautiful plants and flowers, 8 a restaurant and a swimming pool there 9 any plans for tomorrow, but on Wednesday 10 atrip tothe old castle next to the hotel I can buy you some souvenirs.

Find examples In the email. What Is the negative form of the Imperative? It's late They're dirty It's amazing It's hot in here Circle the correct Item. A some B a C any 5 "Where are the children? A under B between C on 8 This is my mum. She is A the B a C an 9 "Have you got a camera? A they 8 you C their 11 I want It's so untidy!

A him B he C his 17 A baby hasn't got any A tooth B teeth C tooths In order to talk about things, we use the preposition of. A cousins B cousin's C cousins's 3 look at that car over there! Is it A uncles B uncle's C uncles' 5 That's a nice skateboard. Is it? A jeft's B jeffs C jefts' 6 These are the A girls B girl C girls' 3 Circle the orrect word In bold. B: He's Shawn's dad. B: It's Susan's.

B: He's my granddad. B: They're Tom's. B: She's my niece. He's husband. S Keith is S John is Ask and answer to find out about your partner's family. Writing 7 Draw your family tree. Then, present It to the class. He s 71; yea Id. MOOUl[4 39 Do you walk? Does she walk? I work - she I bite - she B 1buy - she I think - she Use the verbs In brackets to complete the sentences, as In the example.

S My uncle is a teacher. I make lunch. Ask and answer questions about Jamle and his family, as in the example. Jamie have a dog? Jamie's mother like cooking? Jamie's brother love playing the guitar?