The Sane Society

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The Struggle to Create a Sane Society in the Psychiatric Hospital †.

Maps of Meaning The Architecture of Belief. Dmt The Spirit Molecule. Man's Search For Meaning. Man's Search for Meaning Gift Edition. Sacred Contracts. King Warrior Magician Lover. Owning Your Own Shadow. Popular Searches the best book on narcissism serial murder and the psychology of violent crimes the polyvagal theory the unthinkable book flourish book by seligman. The other path leads to a repetition of history. Man faces the same choices as humankind, every time the society or he himself is freed further. The individual has to answer the same question every time: "am I happy with this freedom or does it scare me?

The Sane Society

Do I choose for myself or do I let others - man or animal - participate in my new achievement? In summarizing chapter 9 Fromm describes the human situation. Some people politicians, industrials may abuse other people's freedom by enticing them to work hard in order to earn a lot of money for buying things objects, trips so they can enjoy this freedom.

According to Fromm we are living in a "manager society" leading to From free man he becomes an automaton, treating himself and other - animals as well - as things and keeping others from these achievements. One characteristic of an automaton is that he can function separately from other people, but also that he is insensitive.

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The difference between him and a man is that an automaton cannot hate. We have to go from separate disjointed individuals to a society that is once again involved. In short, they are people whose reason pines away while their sense increases, and thus create the dangerous situation that man is equipped with the greatest material power possible but without the wisdom to use it.

This alienation and automation leads to increasing mental unhealthiness. Life has no meaning, there is no real happiness, no faith, no reality. Everyone is 'happy', but no-one really feels, has reason and loves. In the nineteenth century the problem was that 'God was dead', in the twentieth century man is dead.

In the nineteenth century inhumanity meant cruelty, in the twentieth it meant schizoid self-alienation.

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Slavery was the danger in the past, but the danger in the future is that man turns into an automaton. And it is all too true that automatons do not revolt. But in view of human nature these automatons cannot live and be healthy. They will turn into 'golems' and destroy the world and themselves because they can no longer stand the boredom of life without meaning. War and automation are our great perils.


Our only remaining alternative is to radically leave the wrong path and set foot on the road to human self-realization. The first condition for this is to remove the threat of war that grips us all, and that paralyses faith and initiative. We must take responsibility for all people's lives and internationally develop that which all great countries have established internally up to now, namely a part of prosperity for everyone and a better distribution of the economical sources of prosperity. This should finally lead to the formation of an international economical cooperation, of global government and to full disarmament.

We must maintain the industrial method, but decentralize labor and state so that they gain human proportions, and allow a certain minimum of centralization required by industrialization.

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What we need in the field of economy is participation of all who work in a company to obtain their real and responsible cooperation. Fromm ends his book with the following condition to man. Self-realization goes hand in hand with the development of creativity and unselfish love and leads to people supporting each other in order to remain independent.

We at Animal Freedom think that with inner liberation human abilities must also be employed for freedom for animals.

Earlier, Fromm wrote "We must end the using of one person by the other" to which we add: "There must be an end to the use of animals by man". Creating true freedom and a healthy society for man and animal, that is the challenge! This page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal. We wish to promote the in other countries as well growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal.

An animal is not a thing, but a being that has the right to quality of a natural way of life.

The Struggle to Create a Sane Society in the Psychiatric Hospital †.

If you want to do something to help animals, click here for our suggestions. If you appreciate our site, then please help spreading the articles, like via social media. Do you want to support us and make a donation now? Information Opinion Overview. Introduction Erich Fromm is a well-known humanistic psychologist who has published much on the role of freedom in the psychological development of man. Man as creation, creator and destructor Another aspect of the human situation, closely connected to solidarity, is the situation of man as a creation, together with the necessity of breaking out of precisely this condition of having been purely passively created.

The development of modern society led to the dissolution of these primary bonds. Modern man is essentially alone, he must be able to stand on his own two feet and be able to handle anything independently.

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This achievement is only possible if he realizes his potential in such a way that he can connect to the world without being undone by it, meaning that he attains a creative mentality. The estranged man on the other hand tries to solve the issue another way, namely by conforming to his surroundings. He only feels secure and safe if he resembles his fellow man as much as possible. His highest purpose is to achieve approval of others, and his greatest fear is having to live without it. Being different, or belonging to a minority, is a danger that threatens his feeling of security.

The consequence is a search for limitless conformism. The feeling of guilt with regard to sin that controlled people's lives some generations back, has now been replaced by a feeling of discomfort and insecurity with respect to being different. Animals rights. In general. Pets, yes or no? More opinion.